Seamless Switchover When Power Fails

Automatic Emergency Power for 8 Hours. Ideal For PC’s, Servers, TV’s, VCR’s, etc

Powerboxes are perfectly suited for your home and office. No noise, automatic switch over to back-up power for your PC’s, TV, DVD, Printer, P.O.S., emergency lamp etc.

To decide what model in the range to order, decide what equipment you want to keep going in case of a power failure, then calculate the watts from the following table, if it is less than the model’s output, choose that model on the order page.

Television, Satelite dish, Decoder, DVD Total 295 watt
Computer with 17″/19″ screen 220 watt
Server 220 watt
Laserjet printer 250 watt
Inkjet printer 120 watt
4-in-1 Laserjet printer/copier/scanner 450 watt
Small-Medium Microwave oven 800 watt
Fish tank pump/heater combo up to 1100 watt
Garage Door Motor 300 watt
Gate Motor 300 watt
Standing Lamp with 11watt fluo bulb 11 watt
House lights (depending on the bulb size) 60 watt

NOT RECOMMENDED to use with a PowerBox

Fridge/Freezer 300 – 800 watt
Kettle 1 200 watt
Air Conditioner 3 500+ watt

Go to the FAQ page if you are still uncertain what to choose.

Features (Do-It-Yourself Range)

  • User selectable for accepting wider input voltage
  • Full automatic and silent operation
  • Rack Tower design
  • High Frequency
  • Off mode charging
  • Compact size for convenient use and storage
  • Built-in 8Amp super charger for up to 100Ah battery
  • Small scale and cost effective inverter for home appliances and office equipment
  • Two – steps intelligent charging control to recharging time

Example uses for up to 8 hours back-up

(300 watt)
1 000VA
(600 watt)
2 000VA
(1 200 watt)
1x PC + 17″ screen + printer + standing lamp 2x PC’s complete + Laserjet 4-in-one printer + PABX system 3-4x PC’s complete + Laserjet printer + PABX
or or or
1x TV + VCR + DVD + Satellite dish + standing lamp 1-2x Server(s) + printer + hub + PABX + fax machine 3-4x Servers + hub + Laserjet printer + fax machine
or or or
2x POS terminals + Credit Card machine 4x POS terminals with Credit Card machines Microwave oven (800 watt) + Fridge (300 watt)

Please note that the above are examples only. You must calculate your total power consumption to ensure that you purchace the correct model.

These units convert DC power into modified sine wave AC power

The 500VA unit has a continuous output of 300 watts, the 1000VA unit of 600 watts and the 2000VA unit of 1200 watts.

These are compact units, and are ideal for running TV’s, stereos, fish tanks, PABX’s, laptop and desktop computers and other home appliances.

These units will automatically and seamlessly switch to inverter when AC power is lost.

Would you like to have one of these revolutionary PowerBoxes for your home or office?

Prices start at only R4 995 (VAT and shipping included).
Order your PowerBox today!

For more technical specifications, view this page. Also have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions, or email us if your question is not answered on that page.